Are Your Office Bathrooms Terrifying?

Are Your Office Bathrooms Terrifying?

Are Your Bathrooms Scaring People Away?

Think dirty office bathrooms just about look, think again. Nothing can scare off a prospective employee like a gross office bathroom. And nothing cements an attitude of apathy with existing employees quite so efficiently as work restrooms in disarray. And if you think your visiting customers won’t notice the pooling water, grimy corners, empty soap dispensers and mystery stains, you are dead wrong.

The condition of your restrooms can speak volumes about the state of your business. Don’t let dirty restrooms leave your customers or your employees with an unfavourable impression. Maybe it has been awhile since you really looked at your restrooms. When it comes to our office restrooms, most of us get in and get out and it can be all too easy to miss the warning signs that your restrooms are being inadequately cleaned. Don’t let your dirty restrooms get in the way of good business.

The Chilling Costs of Dirty Bathrooms

As a Facility Manager, you must continually balance costs and conserve resources. Sure, it costs money to bring in new products that will keep your bathrooms clean and your building in good order, but there are also costs if you don’t. Dirty bathrooms can be like the iceberg, you see it but really it is just a small warning of a much larger problem. When you cut corners on building maintenance, you send the wrong message to your team and your customers and it ends up costing you one way or another. In what ways can dirty facilities impact your bottom line?

▪   Increased employee illness & absenteeism

▪   Negative customer perception regarding the overall quality of your business

▪   Employee Morale takes a hit & turnover increases

▪   The best workers look elsewhere

▪   Lowered efficiency & work output

▪   Lost sales & opportunities

Eliminate Creepy Restrooms & Make Your Job Easier

Maybe you have been going it alone or perhaps you have an existing company that just isn’t giving your restrooms the attention and care they require. Either way know this, getting a good value and clean restrooms are not only possible, it can be relatively straightforward. The best restroom automation companies understand the real benefits of a clean workplace and shiny, fresh restrooms. Not only will they offer the know-how and expertise to do the job, they will have systems in place to make sure you don’t have to check and double check their work.

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