Continuous Cleaning & Deodorizing System for Toilets and Urinals


Advantages For Commercial Or Domestic Applications

The AutoJanitor cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while providing a clean fresh scent for the restroom.

Why Terramica Smart Janitor…?

  • Enhances Cleanliness and Image Round-the-Clock.
  • Easy In-line or Drip Installation.
  • Continuous Odor Neutralizer.
  • World-Class Reliability.
  • Optional Drain Maintenance Refill (SMART FLUSH)

Always Clean

  • Programmable dispenser operates round-the-clock.
  • automatically cleaning fixture surfaces, day and night.
  • Concentrated foaming action cleans and reduces bacteria growth everywhere the water goes.
  • Enzyme-based formula prevents scale build-up in drain pipes.

Always Fresh

  • AutoJanitor innovative dispenser wick’s a clean, fresh scent.

Always Odor Free

  • Continuous cleaning eliminates odours at the source.
  • Powerful formulas reduce the breeding ground of bacteria the, source of odour problems.