Concealed electronic flush valve for urinal operated by IR sensor, flushing duration and other settings are adjustable by remote control.


Drastically reduces water consumption.

Unique triple filter protection to ensure operation with even hard water.

No physical contact. Helps to protect users against cross-contamination.

Stylish Tempered Glass panel.

Sensor settings adjustable by remote control.

Manual flush override button.

Easy installation.

Hygiene Flush: To maximize hygiene, this product is equipped with a 24 hours duty flush. The flush takes place after 24 hours of nonuse have passed. Prevents the trap seal from drying out, possible freezing of pipes, and gets rid of potential bacteria in stuck water.
This function can be disabled using the remote control.

Warranty: 2 Years




  • Power on, the LED indicator flashes four times.
  • After flashing four times, the sensor circuit will shut off the solenoid valve one time and will return to standby status.
  • Once in sensing range, the LED indicator flashes one time per 0.7 seconds.
  • Pre-flushing: Sensing two seconds, flushing two seconds.
  • Flushing:
  • Water Saving Flush: When sensing >2seconds and <20 seconds, it flushes water 4 seconds after user leaves.
  • Full Flush: When sensing 2 seconds > 20 seconds, it flushes water after 6 seconds.
  • Auto Detect Mode: Sensing continuously exceeding 3 minutes, sensing distance will be shortened automatically not to detect. After stop sensing exceeding 2 minutes, sensing distance will be self-adjusted to optimum sensing range.
  • Trap seal protection: It will flush water 4 seconds automatically every 24 hours if kept in unused status to avoid odour returning once the trap dries.
  • Low battery indicator: when input voltage lower 4.4V, sensor circuit will be in alarm status and shut off solenoid valve automatically. While sensor detects sensing object, the LED will flash red three times quickly per second without flushing
    when without sense, the LED will flash red one time per five seconds. After replacement of the battery, the alarm will be disappearing automatically.
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Technical Information

  • Static Current: If sensing range is 90cm, static current will be less than 50μA, default 70cm-75cm, static current will be less than 40μA.
  • Dynamic Current: 500μA
  • Dynamic Output Power: 3V
  • Working Voltage of Solenoid Valve: 4.5V
  • Sensing Distance: from 45-90cm adjustable, factory default 80-85cm (all for A4 whiteboard).

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Remote Control

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Troubleshooting Guide

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