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Terramica’s Revolutionary Automatic Toilet Seat Covers (Biodegradable plastic, optional)

Advantages For Commercial Or Domestic Applications

How Our Sanitary Seat Covers Work

Imagine walking into a public restroom and knowing for certain the toilet seats will be clean, sanitary and safe to sit on. This is a dream come true for many, and it’s made a reality by Terramica. When our sanitary toilet seat covers are used, it’s like getting a brand new toilet seat installed for each and every user. Our unique sanitary toilet seat was designed to reduce the spread of germs while ensuring that bathrooms have a cleaner, more welcoming appearance.

So, how do the Terramica sanitary toilet seats work?

Terramica sanitary toilet seats are driven by computerized technology. The special seats include a housing system for the sanitary toilet seat covers (similar to a 35mm camera). A roll of clean, sanitary plastic tubing is placed on the left side of the seat. This sanitary plastic tubing encases the toilet seat ring and then feeds into the toilet seat housing. After each use, the plastic is split by an internal razor blade and then rewound on the right side of the toilet seat housing, so the used plastic can never be re-used. This used plastic is automatically spooled on the other side of the seat for easy disposal by cleaning personnel.

The Terramica sanitary toilet seat cover system is automatically engaged when a new user enters a bathroom stall. The plastic changing system can be triggered by a wave of a hand in front of a green wall-mounted motion sensor. A green button on the seat can also be used to engage a new toilet seat cover. A failsafe internal razor blade is in place to ensure that the used sanitary seat cover is never spooled back onto the seat.

Terramica toilet seat covers are popping up in restrooms all over India. Our unique technology helps facilities managers ensure their restrooms stay clean and sanitary even on the busiest days.

Our hygienic toilet seat system was created to limit the spread of germs in public restroom facilities, but it does offer more benefits. When our system is used to create a sanitary toilet, these other benefits will be realized:


Decreased Maintenance Expenses – When the Terramica sanitary toilet system is used, clean bathrooms tend to stay that way longer. This means there is less need for constant attention in regard to maintenance and no extra plumbing and janitorial expenses for clogged and overflowed toilets.

Improved Bathroom Appearance – When paper toilet seat covers or toilet paper is used instead of the Terramica system, old covers and toilet paper can end up on the floors and toilets can get clogged and overflow and these make bathrooms unsightly and unsanitary. The Brill system eliminates both concerns.

Improved Customer Satisfaction – Customers tend to take notice when bathrooms are neat, tidy and sanitary. The Terramica system makes this possible.

Creating a welcoming, sanitary bathroom even in the highest traffic areas is not difficult when the Brill system is put into action. Our sanitary toilet seats take the work and worry out of maintaining and using public restrooms.

To learn more about the Terramica sanitary toilet seat cover system, just contact us directly at (080) 42170005 or e-mail us at info@kaadnaad.com

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